Securus Technologies Formally Accredited by BBB

Securus Technologies Inc. is a well-known Texan corporate based in Dallas that has been working in the industry of civil and public safety and inmate communication since 1989. Its chief executive officer Mr. Rick Smith has been leading the company since 2002 and has navigated it towards expansion and better quality of services.


The growth of Securus Technologies Inc. has been acknowledged by a number of premier award committees including the Better Business Bureau. Securus Technologies Inc. received in 2015 an accreditation from the organization as well as an A+ Rating.


The Senior Vice President of Operations of Securus Technologies Inc. Mr. Danny de Hoyos expressed his pride that the company has been working with the Better Business Bureau in Texas in order to be eligible for formal accreditation Securus Technologies Inc. has been striving towards being a top-notch company in its line of work and has paid attention to every aspect of that.


There are several criteria that Securus Technologies Inc. has had to meet in order to receive the formal accreditation by the Bureau. Startin with trust, the company has managed to establish and maintain their positive record in their line of work and has been well-received by businesses and individuals alike.


Securus Technologies Inc. also adheres to advertising honesty, and it honestly represents its products and services including adequate and clear disclosures. Transparency is also a criteria, and it means that the company has to be clear about its nature and policies as well as what they strive towards and sell.


Integrity and safety are also required to receive formal accreditation. Securus Technologies Inc. has been approaching all business deals with integrity an has been providing proper security to its employees and clients, as well as business partners.


The company is also quick to respond to customers and any open disputes in good faith.



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