The Entrepreneurial Journey of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer at LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He confounded the company that specializes in software development in 2015. Since then, they have been servicing young entrepreneurs with online planning programs. Mr. Wakeman walked into software development after having a successful two-decade career in finance and business. He had trained at the University of Scranton, where he acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993.


During the two-decade career in the world of Finance, Glen Wakeman was fortunate to work with a host of companies from where he acquired invaluable experience. In his early days, he held a position of the P&L and business developer at GE Capital. Wakeman went up the ranks at the latter company up to the position of the Chief Executive Officer; he then became the president.  Glen worked as the chairperson of the board before he started his own company, NovaFour, and GE.


Glen Wakeman has amassed a lot of respect due to his work ethic (ThePerfectReporter). He has funneled his energy towards leadership power, risk management, implementation in business as well as human capital. It is his qualities that have enabled him to become a leading strategic adviser in capital raising, top investment platforms and in international financing. He has also been recognized as a Growth Leadership role model.


Wakeman is a successful writer and blogger. He uses his writing and blogging platforms to share his position on various matters such as international fiscal issues, strategy, emerging markets, management of resources, administration and many others. He has also mentored several C-level executives as well as startups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. His methods are proven, as they have been a success in numerous industries.


Glen Wakeman has clearly dedicated his works in business towards changing the existing market in the world. He sees a brighter future in business with the use of machines to solve numerous problems and to reduce the redundancy of data that might occur in the business processes

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