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Do you ever receive your energy bill and you just cannot help wondering how it got there? Well, it happens to all of us, and the next question becomes how you can manage it. Many might not realize it, but the skyrocketing energy bills may be caused by household gadgets (BusinessWire). Did you know that every time a device if plugged in, even if it is not in use, energy is until consumed? Well, it may not be as much energy, but over a long time, it accumulates to a substantial amount. For instance, switching off power to your coffee maker can save you a dollar a year. One might think that this is a small amount of money but think of each piece of your entertainment system. The bill for your system could only rise to $130 annually. That is much, isn’t it? You could use this money to spend on something more important or fun! All it takes is a little discipline for monitoring your energy spending by shutting down the gadgets when you do not need them.


Stream Energy is a Dallas based company, founded in 2004 as a natural gas and retail electricity firm, with the aim of providing connected life services. Over the years, it has become a top direct selling company evidenced by generating more than $8 billion of revenue. The company stands out due to its use of innovative methods and technology, which have played a significant role in revolutionizing the energy industry. It has continued to be a leader in this industry.


The company provides a number of connected services: home services, protective services, energy services and wireless services. By so doing, they help their customers to stay connected wherever they are and thus living their desired lifestyles. All of their services are available throughout the country to save for Energy services accessible in Texas, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York. To reach out to its clients, Stream Energy uses multi-level marketing as the main sales channel. In the past, they were using Ignite, a different marketing division, before it was integrated into the company in 2014.

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