Jorge Moll Achievements

Brazilian Jorge Moll Filho, who dominates another 70 years, lives in Río de Janeiro, Brazil.Innovation allied to health is an exponential trend worldwide. Today, it is almost impossible to talk about advances in medicine without mentioning the benefits that technology has provided to the industry. In the United States – and especially in Silicon Valley and its neighborhoods in Northern California – the advances we’ve all witnessed in the area of digital technology now overflow into the healthcare arena, opening new horizons for the industry (Diasdacruz). That is where Jorge Moll Filho vice president of innovation focused on the patient experience of Sutter Health, the second largest healthcare network in the United States, came to Brazil.

The institution has been trying to insert into its routine the use of new technologies. Jorge Moll Filho has been in the country discussing the major trends in the area and in his lectures has shown how the implementation of technology can transform the way patients are welcomed and cared for. For example: Imagine reaching for a routine appointment and seeing your doctor with a tool that can retrieve all your information in a single voice command? The famous Google Glass, Google Glass, has already been used for this purpose.

Brazilian Jorge Moll Filho, who dominates another 70 years, lives in Río de Janeiro, Brazil. A cardiologist through the preparation, on the way to the terminal, obviously as a person de negocios efectiva coment in 1997, which provides an organization of the indicative image.

For now, Jorge continues to extend and currently run her administration for care and investment centers in Brazil. Hoy, Rede D’Or has 24 treatment centers with 4,000 cams distributed transversally to Brazil. Jorge sells the auxiliary Labs D’Or in 2010 for marketing a Fleury SA mercury, a $ 414 millones medicine supplier. Cases at the same time, live in this way the control of Sao Luiz, a meeting of care facilities based in Sao Paulo. The ticket to be received for the BTG Pactual de Andre Esteves bank, presented a large represe, through the convertible bonds issued by Rede D’Or Sao Luiz SA. Jorge claims 78 percent of Rede D’Or. In 2013, he joined the CEO’s board and converted into Consejo’s Chairman. Como, a member of the Rede D’Or extension project, declares a $ 255 million credit in the Finanziera Internacional (CFI) corporation in 2014.

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