Talk Fusion Gives Advice, Charity, and CEO-Level Advice to HuffPost Readers

There must be something special about a CEO and founder who’s work has gone on to help children, women and people of all backgrounds through his fast-growing tech startup Talk Fusion. The company, founded by Bob Reina, isn’t just charitable. It’s also very profitable while offering great prices to its customers.


Reina was proud to offer his advice and insight about Entrepreneurship for HuffPost before its major rebranding. Now, he’s even more excited to share the success and tips gleaned from it with HuffPost’s readers. Learn more:


The Talk Fusion leader also mentioned a new product development coming out that should be a big hit. The company is already known for the being the first all purpose video marketing solution, with mobile apps, tablet apps, and a website that you can log in to in order to send videos, text messages, and more.


From live conferencing with partners to prospecting in a digital fashion, Talk Fusion has gone from being just a social sharing and talk app (that hit the top of the charts in countries like Indonesia, Japan, and Switzerland’s app ratings) to an app that every business and entrepreneur can benefit from.


The free trial they offer has been generating a lot of publicity for being easy to download and use. Reina puts forth funds every year to help with great causes beyond the business world, as well. They often support orphanages, womens’ shelters, and animal shelters. It’s good to know some tech companies are still doing the right thing in addition to turning a profit. And HuffPost’s readers know they have someone whose words come from experience and integrity.