Securus Technologies Making Prison Guards Jobs Easier

My job working inside the prison as a guard is extremely trying, there is not a minute that goes by where my life is not in some sort of danger. The reason my position has become so dangerous in recent years is due in part to overcrowding, drugs, and the increase in violent gang members now inside our facility. These gang members are younger and on the command of their leaders will risk getting extended jail time. A low-level gang member will risk years of freedom to honor his brothers.


This is a dangerous combination that puts guards right in the line of fire each day. If these younger inmates can get their hands on drugs, the situation quickly escalates from dangerous to deadly because they have little control of their actions at that point. To help get back a degree of control, we recently reached out to Securus Technologies to see if they were able to update our telephone monitoring system. We knew the company had this same system in over 2,600 jails around the country, and it was our hopes that the system would provide us an edge in these very tense situations.


Securus Technologies has a headquarters in Dallas, and all of the employees are committed to making the world safe. The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, says the company can help us limit violence by allowing the software to do the work while our officers can get back to manning the front lines.


Not even a few days after the system was installed, the LBS software alerted my team to one caller who was complaining to his brother about having to sell drugs for his gang so they could have the money. We took action quickly to stop the drug flow and reduce these issues.