Securus Technologies: Securing Phone Calls in Prisons

Securus Technologies is a firm in the correctional technology industry with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The technological organization serves over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections firms and more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. It is the largest supplier of detainee communication, government information management, and parolee tracking. The organization has outlets in Carrollton, Atlanta, and Allen to increase their market shares and provide employment opportunities to the neighboring people.


Securus Technologies announced that it had made investments of up to $600 million in patents, technologies, and acquisitions for 72 months. They offer telephone services at a higher rate to the public phones to inmates in United States prisons. Securus Technologies connect and serves by offering emergency response, communication, investigation, public information, products monitoring, and inmate self-service to make the universe a safe place.


The firm published comments from their customers on their PR Newswire article. The feedbacks were mostly in emails and formal letters from jail officials and prisons throughout America. Securus relies on information from law enforcers to get to a conclusion and redacts specific references to a state, country, and facility name to protect the innocent detainees.


The organization told the media that it develop a new service or product every week to aid in law enforcement. They have received feedbacks regarding what they have built from their segment, and the providers are aware of the activities to improve to match the market preferences.


Comments from Customers on Adoption of Technology in Handling Cases


Clients have left positive remarks regarding the modern methods used to retrieve evidence. Recording calls containing information needed to build a case is possible. From the consumer comments, you will realize that parties acquired data from the phone calls. Securus Technologies invites the public to visit their technology facility in Dallas for a presentation on how they solve and stay away from crimes.