Oncotarget; a place to trust

The internet has brought us many things, most of which are great. With a few swipes or clicks, we can get access to all sorts of information; we can learn about our world and things above. However, due to the open accessibility of the internet it can also be prone to having false information or fads that somehow create themselves into fact. Happily I can say that we still live in a modern world where people take the time to research their ideas, and that is where Oncotarget comes into play.

Oncotarget is great in the sense that it is specialized in, you guessed it, oncology, or the study of tumors in a more basic sense. With a rising awareness of growths and cancer having a site that focuses on these studies is almost a necessity! Oncotarget is more than just a place where people rant and complain about growths or tumors; but it is more importantly, a well researched website that looks into improving all shapes of life!

What I love about Oncotarget is that you can tell they want to improve everyone’s lives for the better. Since they have created such a great model and have caught the attention of people throughout the world they have begun to expand their base of knowledge on more than tumors, but on things such as the working of cells and aging. In a world of constant, free flowing, and sometimes misleading or flat out wrong information, it is great to know that there still exists groups of people that are more than willing to help out human beings and not try to deceive. Check Oncotarget at scimagojr.com

If you are a human being than I can say pretty confidently that Oncotarget has written and researched an article that is made for you!

Learn more: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=REO9YogAAAAJ&hl=en