Bob Reina: Talk Fusion Business Strategy

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007 with the idea to make video easier to send and receive. After having trouble attaching video to an email, he thought businesses could benefit from video marketing solutions. Reina started the company with over 20 years experience in both marketing and direct selling. These two industries helped him to find success in selling these innovative marketing solutions to small businesses. His strong desire to give back to the community and his dedication to inspiring his staff to do so has made him a charismatic and kind leader.Learn more :


Reina did not start in business rather he started as a police officer for ten years. He told a story how he was introduced to the marketing industry during an off-duty side job. Before that he wanted to make a difference and take control of his life, he just needed a way. Network marketing allowed him the ability to build a team to help him towards his efforts and achieve his goals and success.Learn more :


Reina recognizes the struggles of his industry and remembers times when his bills were greater than his check. He stuck it out and found success. He had to find a system that his team could replicate. Once he found that system, Reina and his team became very successful. He also stuck to selling products and services that he believed in, so his potential customers could see his passion.


With his industry, he realized quickly how he was going to conquer being successful. His first step is to approach known customers to sell the products and explain the benefits. To gain new customers, he builds the relationship first. He feels that the relationship is crucial to earning their current and future business.Learn more :