Using Securus Technologies to Track Down Fugitives

I am part of a fugitive task force that has to get the worst of the worst off the streets before they put an entire community at risk of injury or worse. This suspect was armed, unpredictable, and didn’t have any family or friends in the area. He was relying on his instincts to stay off the radar, but we knew someone had to know something about where he was, where he was going, or what he had planned for getting away from authorities.


I knew the suspect had been in and out of the local jail a number of times, so I decided to try and get a few of his cellmates to talk. Even when you get these inmates one-on-one, they rarely speak because they know the rest of the prison population is watching and will quickly label them as rats if they say a word. Since we were already at the jail and knew someone knew something, we decided to talk to the officers on staff. They informed us that Securus Technologies had just installed an inmate communication system and it may shed some light on this troubling search of ours.


Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith has 1,000 employees working for his Dallas-based company, and all are working tirelessly towards the objective of making this world that much safer for us all. Little did any of us realize the LBS software was going to help us in ways we could have never imagined.


These inmates listen to officers talking and they watch the news, so they knew who we were hunting and why we were at the jail. Despite not talking to us, they did talk over the phones, and even though they tried to disguise the conversation, we picked up chatter about the suspect staying with a former inmate until the heat died down just a little.


Why Cleansing Conditioners Are A Good Choice

Using a cleansing conditioner can be one of the best things that you do for your hair. Not only will it strengthen your hair, but you can ditch a lot of the products you have been using because your hair will be more manageable and healthy.

By switching to a cleansing conditioner, your hair will be stronger. Even after just a couple of weeks of using it, you will probably begin to notice the difference. Cleansing conditioners do not contain the usual harsh chemical that you will find in most shampoos and conditioners and it will be much more gentle on your hair because of it. That is why you will notice that cleansing conditioner does nor foam up like a “normal” shampoo.

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There are n harsh sulfates present and so you will not get that foaming action. When you use a cleansing conditioner, it will be a bit different. You will need to let your conditioner sit on your hair for a few minutes before you rinse it to to get the full benefits of the product and be sure to rinse very thoroughly. Cleansing conditioners are gentle on your hair and can even be used on color-treated hair, They are also great options if you have skin allergies or suffer form scalp irritations. Cleansing conditioners are a great alternative to the chemical-filled products out there and are something you can feel really good about using. There are also many varieties to choose from.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners are made from natural and organic ingredients like rosemary extract, glycerin, and wild cherry bark, so they are chemical-free and good for your hair and body. WEN hair care products are gentle enough to use on all hair types and have become so popular because they seem to be really working. WEN hair care products were developed by Chaz Dean, a passionate hairstylist who styles hair for many clients, including celebrities. Dean also styles hair for fashion and award shows and is always working on new products to help people all over the world to obtain the hair they have always wanted.

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Bob Reina: Talk Fusion Business Strategy

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007 with the idea to make video easier to send and receive. After having trouble attaching video to an email, he thought businesses could benefit from video marketing solutions. Reina started the company with over 20 years experience in both marketing and direct selling. These two industries helped him to find success in selling these innovative marketing solutions to small businesses. His strong desire to give back to the community and his dedication to inspiring his staff to do so has made him a charismatic and kind leader.Learn more :


Reina did not start in business rather he started as a police officer for ten years. He told a story how he was introduced to the marketing industry during an off-duty side job. Before that he wanted to make a difference and take control of his life, he just needed a way. Network marketing allowed him the ability to build a team to help him towards his efforts and achieve his goals and success.Learn more :


Reina recognizes the struggles of his industry and remembers times when his bills were greater than his check. He stuck it out and found success. He had to find a system that his team could replicate. Once he found that system, Reina and his team became very successful. He also stuck to selling products and services that he believed in, so his potential customers could see his passion.


With his industry, he realized quickly how he was going to conquer being successful. His first step is to approach known customers to sell the products and explain the benefits. To gain new customers, he builds the relationship first. He feels that the relationship is crucial to earning their current and future business.Learn more :


George Soros: The Greatest Philanthropist and Billionaire

George Soros is considered as one fo the most prominent business leaders in the United States. For over three decades of professional experience, George Soros has worked to benefit the industry in many ways. For him, nothing comes out as better than those who know what goes around. George Soros is also a man of wisdom. For all his business decisions, no one knows how he works to develop fast income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. In this case, you might work to attain the fullest capacities in this industry if you have never acted in separate business deals.

George Soros is the CEO and Founder of the Open Societies Foundations. The foundation has operated in the world for over two decades. George Soros is the founder of this foundation that extends his arm of philanthropy to foster accountable governments, transparency among all government institutions in the world, freedom of expression for the minorities in the world, and a society that promotes equality and justice among all. For him, he has always believed in a community that treats everyone in equal measure. Because he has also suffered in the hands of a regime that rules the majority, he does not want the rest of the citizens in the world to suffer the same regime. For this reason, the foundation extends his liberal thoughts to everyone in the world.

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George Soros is the CEO and Founder of the Soros Quantum Fund based in New York. When the company was founded, it was determined to become the best business entity in the United States. However, it grew to become a spectacle in the world. It has branches in all continents of the world including Africa. When the company was founded, minimal resources were associated in this business industry. For this reason, George Soros worked hard through innovation to achieve the most significant business entity in a manner that is not paralleled in the world. George Soros founded the Soros Quantum Fund to become the cornerstone financial investment banking company. For all those years of professional experience, the company has amassed a large amount of wealth in this industry. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, the Nazi Occupation wanted to eradicate all the Jews from the country by way of death. For this reason, George Soros secured false identities to save his family from extinction. He also used those means to save other families from the Nazi Occupation. George Soros found his way to the United Kingdom. He got a job at a local railway restaurant. He used this money to pay for his school fees at the London School of business. The remaining part of his salary went to cater for his family. Learn more on about George Soros.