Continued Success Finds Brian Bonar and He Rises Once Again to High Rank

Brain Bonar has been a leading expert with his contributions to the financial industry, for over 30 years. And it appears as though he’s not slowing down his success anytime soon.

Seven years ago, Brian became the Chief Executive Officer, for Trucept Inc., and now serves as the Chairman of the Board, after retiring in late 2016. Brian is a trusted leader that carved his way into the financial industry, one promotion after the other.

He served as CEO of Dalrada Financial Group, and eventually became Chairman of the Board, for that company also. Brian is widely selected, for those roles, because of his great leadership and business efficiency skills. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial industry.

Brian’s career expands from public to private sector companies and his resume exemplifies an extraordinary business foundation. Brian also held Chief Financial Officer, for Amanda Inc., where he rose from the rank of Treasurer, a highly coveted position within any financial company.

In his role as a business navigator, Brian implemented substantial growth opportunities, for each company he’s served in a leadership capacity. He is a graduate of Stafford University in the United Kingdom, and also holds a doctorate degree. Brian received an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is not only a highly successful businessman, he is also an entrepreneur. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who set their sights on potential business ventures, and Brian is no different.

Brian has branched into the restaurant industry. Brian built a restaurant in San Diego, California named Bellamy’s, and it has become a magnificent success. In 2017, it was named as Open Table diner’s choice award.

Located just north of Escondido, Bellamy’s is known, for impeccable service and high-quality food to give a great dining experience. Brian set out on a vision to create an atmosphere where each guest has a remarkable experience of food and service. The Master Chef, Frenchman Patrick Ponsaty, has 31 years of experience, which is something Brian can relate to. With his choice of Chef Ponsaty, Brian has accomplished his vision, for the 144-acre property, to incorporate the California modern cuisine with a French influence.

Bridging together a Scottish Businessman and Entrepreneur, with a French Master Chef has proven to be yet another successful business accomplishment, for Brian.

With continued business savvy and insight, Brian Bonar is an asset to the financial sector and now the restaurant industry. Not only does he repeatedly rise to every occasion to move in a successful direction, Brian raises the bar, and has paved a way, for the next generation of financial leaders to follow, with a successful resume of over three decades.

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    From the highest points to the lowest stange in ones live there has to be a frame of success in one;s view and I think this was key for Briam Bonar. Also he makes ninjaessays service concept real to me and I think I have to learn to be more successful based on this. The whole experience we have now can be used in the positive way and I am very hopeful that it will turn around for the best.

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