Maintaining a Positive Presence in the Market by Online Reputation Management

Reputation is one element of doing business that contributes to the success or downfall of a company. It is the image that appears in a customer’s mind the moment the sound of the institution gets made. Today, all it takes for a negative experience to traverse the world and dash the company’s reputation is a matter of minutes. Therefore, investing in online reputation management is necessary for a business to succeed. Enjoying a good reputation leads to customer attraction and consequently, better sales.

According to, a business should ensure that its social media presence is continuously monitored. Information on the client’s feedback on the internet is necessary. Knowing what customers say about the business and its products helps in improving the quality or customer service. Through the media, you can reach a wider audience. Therefore, ensuring positive comments get made keeps the company moving in an upward trend.

A focus on online reputation increases sales. According to, potential and current customers get to trust the company’s service and reliability which in turn gives the business a competitive edge. An outstanding reputation enables customers to choose your organization over other available options. When it comes to online reputation management, hiring a professional company to do the work allows you to focus your energy on development and quality production. Obviously, not everyone is pleased with your services, therefore, prepare for a little bit of negativity. Managing the reputation enables entrepreneurs to have their feet forward.

Establishing dominance in the market is also attainable through online reputation management. Dominance is achievable through the hiring of professional management specialists. With the era of the internet, competition has scaled from a local and international level to a global scale. The experts conduct analysis on your competitors and advise on the best approach towards the market. Additionally, they ensure that the company image gets protected.

When choosing a specialist, ensure that they have experience and additional online services. With time, monitor and ensure your online presence is growing and positive. Hiring professional institution saves money, time and energy ensuring you can concentrate on growing and steering the business in the right direction.

Continued Success Finds Brian Bonar and He Rises Once Again to High Rank

Brain Bonar has been a leading expert with his contributions to the financial industry, for over 30 years. And it appears as though he’s not slowing down his success anytime soon.

Seven years ago, Brian became the Chief Executive Officer, for Trucept Inc., and now serves as the Chairman of the Board, after retiring in late 2016. Brian is a trusted leader that carved his way into the financial industry, one promotion after the other.

He served as CEO of Dalrada Financial Group, and eventually became Chairman of the Board, for that company also. Brian is widely selected, for those roles, because of his great leadership and business efficiency skills. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial industry.

Brian’s career expands from public to private sector companies and his resume exemplifies an extraordinary business foundation. Brian also held Chief Financial Officer, for Amanda Inc., where he rose from the rank of Treasurer, a highly coveted position within any financial company.

In his role as a business navigator, Brian implemented substantial growth opportunities, for each company he’s served in a leadership capacity. He is a graduate of Stafford University in the United Kingdom, and also holds a doctorate degree. Brian received an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is not only a highly successful businessman, he is also an entrepreneur. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who set their sights on potential business ventures, and Brian is no different.

Brian has branched into the restaurant industry. Brian built a restaurant in San Diego, California named Bellamy’s, and it has become a magnificent success. In 2017, it was named as Open Table diner’s choice award.

Located just north of Escondido, Bellamy’s is known, for impeccable service and high-quality food to give a great dining experience. Brian set out on a vision to create an atmosphere where each guest has a remarkable experience of food and service. The Master Chef, Frenchman Patrick Ponsaty, has 31 years of experience, which is something Brian can relate to. With his choice of Chef Ponsaty, Brian has accomplished his vision, for the 144-acre property, to incorporate the California modern cuisine with a French influence.

Bridging together a Scottish Businessman and Entrepreneur, with a French Master Chef has proven to be yet another successful business accomplishment, for Brian.

With continued business savvy and insight, Brian Bonar is an asset to the financial sector and now the restaurant industry. Not only does he repeatedly rise to every occasion to move in a successful direction, Brian raises the bar, and has paved a way, for the next generation of financial leaders to follow, with a successful resume of over three decades.

Fabletics Provides Customers with More Options to Buy Clothes

What Fabletics has managed to do is become the type of website that gives people access to things that they can buy in stores. This is something that is also referred to as reverse showrooming. In the case that Kate Hudson has presented it has been her goal to get people into more brick-and-mortar stores. She started originally with the website because this would be the easiest way to start a store without any type of geographical boundaries. Engaging in this e-commerce model was good for her initially because there was already a business model in place. She works alongside of the co-founders like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, and they had already done this type of subscription-based clothing service with JustFab and FabKids. It was easy for Fabletics to branch out and become another company that would provide this type of clothing for women that were looking for athletic clothes.



Some shoppers will find out about the Fabletics brand by going directly to the website. Others will see advertisements or social media from friends and start shopping online. Still there others that are going to sign up for subscription services and get automatic shipments each month. The one crowd that she has the strongest potential to gain, however, is the offline crowd and places where she has not opened stores yet. This leads to millions of potential customers that have never even heard of the Fabletics brand. She knows that she can lure people to the Fabletics brand if they are able to access it through various channels.



Kate Hudson is making a bold move with the Fabletics brand because it will be one of the first from the series of companies that were started by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler that will actually became a physical brick-and-mortar store. This is somewhat risky, but there were already a dozen of the Fabletics stores in place already. Kate has plans for 100 more in the next five years. This proves that her reverse showrooming is working to her benefit.


This athletic brand has been able to gain a loyal following of consumers, and it appears that more consumers are going to be interested in reaching out to his brand as stores pop up in their location. It is on the part of a greater plan that Kate Hudson has to maximize profits and build a better brand awareness for Fabletics.

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