Kevin Seawright: a Community Leader and Astute Entrepreneur in Newark

Kevin Seawright is an entrepreneur, coach, and business executive at RPS Solutions, LLC. Seawright is based in Newark, New Jersey. He is an alma mater of esteemed Almeda University where he studied an MBA. Since 2015, he has been serving as a coach for the Suffolk Virginia Recreation.

Seawright has studied other short causes like Leading Nonprofit Boards, Fundraising & Nonprofit Boards, and Principles of Leading Transformational Nonprofits. He is talented in training, strategic leadership, and planning.

Seawright’s work history and achievements

Kevin Seawright has worked for numerous entities, including real estate, local government, and the education sector in parts of Baltimore and Washington DC. His most recent accomplishment is joining the managerial team of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC).

This organization acts as an economic catalyst that initiates growth in the real estate industry in Newark. Kevin Seawright was appointed a member of this esteemed group due to his skills in capital management and accounting.

In the last one decade, he has played a vital role in improving the lives of the residents living on the East Coast. As an associate with the NCEDC, Seawright has been able to help stabilize the economy of Newark as well as maintain economic development.

He is also involved in helping community members develop businesses and build capacity to create job opportunities to enhance their living standards. Additionally, Seawright oversees the allocation of real estate development loan funds and counseling services for entrepreneurs in small and mid-sized businesses among other duties. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He has worked for the Baltimore’s Aging and Retirement Commission. Seawright designed and oversaw implementation of an accounting system that saved the organization about $100,000. Because of this achievement, he landed the finance director post of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright acts as the entity’s chief financial officer, tasked with the duty of managing the Division of Recreation and Parks. His work as a civil servant came to a climax when he became Deputy COO of Education.

Kevin Seawright has also worked as a strategic director for the Finance and Human Capital. While working for this organization, he acquired insights and experience in startup development and real estate.