Todd Lubar; The Real Estate Guru

The Baltimore, real estate industry, is showing signs of a renaissance after suffering the adverse consequences of the hard-hitting crisis it experienced, reports Sales mediated by banks, primarily foreclosures witnessed a drastic fall last years. The price of houses also shot up to exorbitant rates.

As a measure to combat this crisis, several laws had to be modified to suit client needs. As a result, foreclosures in Baltimore recorded a slower rate as compared to other locations. These developments in real estate have led to higher housing prices. The average price reached a record $243,000, the highest rate in the last decade.

Todd Lubar’s has a long-held passion for the industry. This, coupled up with his altruism, made him delve into the real estate sector. He started his illustrious career at Crestar Mortgage, where he acquired unrivaled knowledge on conventional mortgage banking, a skill he considers priceless. His impetus to succeed made him associate with insurance agents, economic planners, and property development brokers. These individuals are an integral part of Todd’s impressive career.

The job at Legacy Financial Group played a substantial part in growing Todd’s knowledge of lending. This understanding proved to be invaluable, as Todd utilized in the inception of his firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. The entity deals in the procurement, renovation, and marketing of both individual and corporate-owned premises. Todd desire to prosper has seen him start-up another enterprise, Charter Funding, which is affiliated with First Magnus Financial Corporation.

Owing to his broad experience in the lending sector, Todd can assess the credibility of a lender. For this reason, he established Legendary Properties, a accompany that seeks to avail loans to individuals who have been denied loans due to the stringent lending regulations imposed by conventional lenders.

Todd uses his unequaled nous in lending and real estate to help prospective buyers acquire new homes. As the effects of the crisis fade away, more people are relishing the prospect of owning homes, and Todd Lubar is offering a helping hand.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the boss at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He is also the Vice President of Legendary Investments. Todd boasts of an illustrious career, having served and established numerous successful franchises. He received an undergraduate BA in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. Visit for more info.

For Dick DeVos, It Is All About Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is better known as a philanthropist, than a billionaire or as the former Chief Executive Officer of Amway. He thinks of the ways to impact on others’ life than any political activism or investments. He looks at the society as a whole and working on improving its conditions by looking at the priorities of it. He is not focusing on any particular group or a section when he contributes. He has contributed almost $139 million to organizations for various causes. In 2015 alone, he spent at least $11.6 M in various charitable contributions. His commitment to the charity can be drawn from the fact that he only contributed $5.3 M for various political campaigns during the last five years.


Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos have set up a foundation to manage the contributions, called Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. His father and the founder of Amway, Rich DeVos is also an active contributor to various causes. Rich, his four sons including Dick, and other family members understand that rather than wearing branded clothes or driving luxury cars, contributing to various causes making them happy and satisfied. Their thought process is reflecting on their contributions. The family contributed $104 M in 2015 alone, and it stands at 24th in the biggest givers list prepared by Forbes in 2015. The DeVos family contributed $1.33 B until date, which is roughly around 25 percent of their wealth estimated at $5.2 B.


When it comes to Dick and Betsy, they contribute maximum for education as Dick feels that the children in isolated areas and disadvantaged sections are not getting enough education to follow the American dream. He thinks that the quality of education is not satisfactory and it is not sufficient to materialize the American dream. To improve the quality of education, he initiated many action plans including school of choice, school grading system, charter school system, school vouchers, etc. The next big part of the contribution goes to arts & culture, and it includes a contribution of $22 M to launch an arts management education institute called DeVos Institute of Arts Management set up at the University of Maryland. He also contributes to the community and civic, leadership development, health and human services, public policy, etc.


Dick completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Northwood University. After completing education, he joined Amway and became the Vice President with responsibilities for foreign operations in 1984. The years saw significant revenue and sales increase from worldwide operations. In 1991, the family acquired the NBA team Orlando Magic, and Dick took up the responsibility of the team as the President and CEO. In 1993, he returned to Amway as the President and led the company to a major restructure. Currently, he is the President of The Windquest Group, an investment management firm with a strong focus on technology and manufacturing.